The Murder on the Links

The Murder on the Links Agatha Christie

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In Agatha Christie’s class mystery „Murder on the Links”, Hercule Poirot attempts to unravel the grisly conundrum of not one, but two dead bodies discovered on a French golf course. Poirot receives a letter from Monsieur Paul Renauld requesting his help and confidence at his home in France and, with Captain Hastings by his side, Poirot immediately departs for the continent. Tragically, upon arrival, Poirot and Hastings learn that Renauld was murdered earlier that morning and the local Sureté police force are on the case. The victim had been stabbed in the back with a letter opener and left in a newly dug grave adjacent to a local golf course. Strange circumstances multiply, culminating in the discovery of a second body stabbed with the same murder weapon. While the local authorities pursue the false leads suggested by the evidence, Poirot relies instead upon his famous „little grey cells” to cut through the confusion and untangle a story of blackmail, forbidden love, and a long-buried secret.
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