Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences

Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences Various

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The Academy, desirous of increasing its numbers, and thus adding to its means of scientific research and diffusion of knowledge, has this year altered its title to that of “California Academy of Sciences,” and invites all interested in the increase and spread of any branch of knowledge to join in its work. All gentlemen residing within one hundred and fifty miles of San Francisco are, by the new Constitution, eligible to resident membership, with all the privileges of those in the city, including free copies of the proceedings published after their election.

A copy of the new Constitution, Annual Address of the late President, Prof. J. D. Whitney, and list of members at the commencement of 1868, may be obtained free by addressing the Corresponding Secretary.

Meetings are now held on the first and third Mondays of each month, at the rooms of the Academy, where lectures are given, papers read and discussions held on scientific subjects. All desiring to become members may be introduced at the meetings on application to the officers and members.
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