Windmills and Wooden Shoes

Windmills and Wooden Shoes Blair Jaekel

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To put before the prospective visitor the many delights and few disadvantages of a territory with which he may be already more or less familiar; to help him to form a comprehensive idea of the most of Holland within a reasonably short space of travel time; to refocus the lens, to readjust the vernier of his memory, providing he has already been there, so that he may take a truer reading of the country upon a second visit; to recant the praises of a people whose very existence has been and ever will be one perpetual, indefatigable struggle against the most ubiquitous of all of man’s enemies—an element of the universe; to give a brief synopsis of what a vast amount there is to see and learn in a country so rich in accomplishments, so poor in area—these constitute the chief end of this book of travel through the Netherlands. If it fails in its mission it is by no means the fault of the Netherlands nor of whatever of interest is contained therein.

If the text and illustrations inclosed between these covers cause but a single reader to live again a summer’s trip through Holland or prompt him to go there, there will be at least the satisfaction that the work has not been in vain.
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