New ClozeTests for KPDS, ÜDS, KPSS, LYS

New Cloze %15 indirimli Özgür Perçin
This newly revised book has been prepared primarily for the learners who prepare for KPDS ÜDS, KPSS for LYS (YDS) and the similar exams. But the book will help all learners of English to enrich their grammar, vocabulary knowledge and reading ability. This new version of the book has been enriched with more texts and topics.

The book consists of 500 texts and 2500 questions. In addition to this, there are 103 texts and 515 questions as examples from the previous YDS, KPDS, ÜDS, KPSS, LYS and MEB EXAMS. The passages, which are in all levels of English, are about various subjects, which will make the learners of English learn new things while they are reading and answering the questions.

The way to success in learning and deal with the questions in examinations in foreign language is to practise as much as possible. This book is unique in terms of the number of questions related to cloze tests it consists. I believe that the users of the book will have an opportunity to practise more about cloze tests and will be successful in the exams they take.
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