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"Power Your Vocab Via Puzzles" is a vocabulary course book which are designed for the English language Learners who would like to improve his or her vocabulary ranging from teenagers to young adults and those who attend or have attended preparatory classes. It can easily be recommended any learner who wishes to power his or her vocabulary.
The book undoubtedly requires the learners to be busy with the words by trying to guess, find or unscramble the words in the puzzles. Certainly the words won't be found easily but will be enjoyable. Some of the words are particularly chosen to make you think, or do a small study through dictionaries. Honestly speaking, I believe that anything which comes easy, goes easy; so some time and energy must be spent on it. Then it will be long lasting. However most of the words are picked up to entertain you while learning because I also know that anything learned in fun leaves a trace and this causes to remember the thing easily.Learning is more rewarding when the subject is in the interest of the learner.

"Power Your Vocab" has aimed at making the learner get the meaning with the English definitions in which common words are used. It hasn't aimed at making the learner swamp with the words and dictionaries or getting bored when he or she can't find the word. Just in case the learner has a problem, a key is available at the end of the book.

The Book has a thematic approach. It is concerned with particular subjects. Every subject has four different kinds of puzzles; "crosswords", "scrambled words", "words in context" and "find a word".

Hope you enjoy it.
-Fatih Tekin-
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