The Farrier's New Guide

The Farrier's New Guide William Gibson

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As the general Use and Service of Horses has render'd them more worth the Notice and Regard of Mankind, than any other of the Brute Creatures, so there has in most Ages of the World, been a more than ordinary Care taken, not only to model and fie them for their respective Services, but also of their Breed and Preservation :And we find Horses were of so great Account with the Ancients, that even Aristotle Xenophon Pliny, and others of greatest Genius among them, have bestow'd some of their Labours that Way, being sensible how much a good and serviceable Breed of Horses conduced to the Benefit of the Community, both in Peace and War: Neither have the Moderns been less industrious in all these Matters, but have made many excellent Improvements in Horsemanship :For about the Time that Painting, Sculpture, and other Arts were reviv' in Italy the Art of Riding, and of perfecting Horses for the Wars, and in all useful and genteel Exercises, was then also cultivated, and afterwards improv'd by Frenchmen who went to Rome and Naples on Purpose to be instructed therein.
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