Ephesus The New Guide

Ephesus The New Guide %15 indirimli Peter Scherrer
We have indeed been fortunate that SELAHATTIN ERDEMGIL, Director of the Ephesus Museum in Selcuk, and his colleagues have agreed to contribute to this work in a modern spirit of international cooperation. It is the pleasant duty of the directorate of the Osterreichisches Archaologisches Institut to thank them warmly for their help, and, at the same time, to hope for further success in this partnership.
The directorate's thanks are extended to all the authors whose contributions have made the guide book into a reflection of the Ephesian team and particularly to PETER SCHERRER who has undertaken the task of bringing this work to publication. The Austrian BUNDESMINISTERIUM FUR WlSSENSCHAFT UND VERKEHR IS also to be thanked for making our work possible within the framework of the statutory contract and for guaranteeing the necessary funding for the publication of this book.
In November 1963, FRITZ EICHLER ended his preface to the last edition of the KEIL guide book with a wish that the undersigned would like to repeat here, as it has lost none of-its -relevance:
May the new guide book to Ephesus convey to the reader a vivid picture of the rise and Fall of this-, ancient metropolis and win new friends and sponsors for this great Austrian undertaking.
Director of the Osterreichisches Archaologisches Institut Vienna,
in January 2000
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