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The Last Don Mario Puzo

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Twenty-seven years ago, Mario Puzo created a popular classic with the publication of The Godfather. Now, after writing bestselling novels about Las Vegas, Sicily, and Washington, Puzo has at last returned to the subject he knows best--the inner workings of an American crime family. The Last Don is the most ambitious novel of Puzo's legendary career, the product of five years of work and a lifetime of research into the mores of the mob, Vegas, and Hollywood.

The last don is Domenico Clericuzio, a ferocious old man who is determined to secure his family's future in an era of legalized gambling, motion-picture investments, and the threat of government informers. The don is close to achieving his vision when secrets buried in his family's past threaten to undermine his plan and spark a war between two blood cousins.

Only an Academy Award® winner with an insider's knowledge of Hollywood could write such a sizzling account of the movie business.

Only a writer who understands the hearts of thieves could describe mafia life with such authenticity. The Last Don proves once again that Mario Puzo knows where the bodies are buried.

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